Sean Leslie is an expierenced and versatile cinematographer based in South Africa.

His work is an eclectic mix of dramas, commercials, music and cinematic documentaries.

Having had a solid career path from focus puller on commercials / features in New Zealand to drama / documentary at the BBC in London. Then as a freelance DP working throughout the world.

This well travelled DP has in recent years been based in both London and Los Angeles and is now working throughout his much loved Africa for international clients.

Experience - in all things film and digital cinema.

Versatile - quick striking lighting, aerials, timelapse, multi camera and handheld doc filming


" I love making films - the whole collaborative process and the constant challenges

I appreciate considered film making, using all available film techniques to tell a story with strong visuals. I ensure that the camera assumes a distinct role in shaping the way in that the viewer understands the story and relates to it.

My work has a diverse range - from lighting big music shows in the US, blue chip commercials, DP on drama in  UK / South Africa to shooting high end documentaries all over the world for the BBC and international prod co,s. 

A wonderful mix of work that I wouldnt change for the world ! "

 2011  DP     drama nominated for an Emmy award    ARTE /  PBS  USA

2010   DP     documentary series winner  Royal Television Society  UK

2010   DP     documentary series winner   BAFTA   UK