Title: Carnival

Sterling EQ    " Carnival "    video      Cape Direct  

The World Calling      Palm Music / PBS  USA      Director: Kevin Geary
Chicago World music festival

Stark Raving Sane      Network      Director: Duncan Robson
music video

The Big Chill      CC Lab       Director: Nic Morris

Ill Divo       Sony/ BMG       Director: Nic Morris
Spain concert

Ibiza       Fujitive Films
Spain concert

Burn The Floor       Sony / BMG     Director: Nic Morris

New Order       Screen Intelligence
music video

Friday Night at the Dome       Holmes Assoc / CH 4
weekly music show

Chasing the Bird      Holmes Assoc      Dir: George Catheroe
Music of Charlie Parker

Bringing it all back home      Coco Films     Ireland

Two Rooms        Island Records
Elton johns music

LLoyd Cole      Fujitive Films